45 years of experience serving the industries

Trading Solac Inc. Is a privately owned corporation representing mostly European producers since the late 60’s.

We act as exclusive agent on behalf of our principals and offer to our customers integrated solutions including logistics, financing and storage facilities.

Over the years we have developed strategic long-term relationships with both our suppliers and customers and we are proud to count among our clients the biggest names in the Canadian industry.

ETJ 2000 (Steel/Titanium/Aluminum)

BICLAD (Steel/Aluminum)

ALTICO (Aluminum/Titanium/Copper)

OF-Cu Square, round, rectangle copper bars for cathode / anode application. Tailor made shapes by extrusion or delivered as cast. Bars cut and machined according to customers specifications. 

Grade AISI 1006 Mod/1012/1018 or equivalent

           Low Electrical Resistivity Grade

End use: cathode bars, cross bars. Bars available in standard length,  cut to length and/or machined according to customers specifications.

Hot rolled carbon steel bars used for anode application (pins).

Grade: AISI 1012 / S235JRG2 and Low Electrical Resistivity steel grade AISI 1006 Mod

Diameters from 100 to 230mm,  standard length or cut to length.

Ready to use pig iron alloyed to customers specifications. Production of 100 different grades with 30 standards grades permanently in stock.